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Cleopetra Adams     10Th September 2018*****      Canada
“I selected you guys artist as best in Afrian arts and craft because of the obvious love and respect for the medium. Your Craft work emphasizes, the beauty and integrity of natural materials, each piece reveals your mastery of craft and understanding of the unique properties of each species you use. your descriptive texts, both your images, and truly, your very way of being in the both reflects your affinity for our incredible materials. Thank You So Much For My Crafts”

Real African Arts and Craft market collection
Cheap and affordableAfrican Arts and Craft market collection

Sherif Smith     11Th January 2019*****      Germany
I run a real and genuine african arts and craft online business and needed to start sending my stuffs to Europe and abroad. I tried many other guys who claimed they can produce genuine source of materials all failed me. Some were scam artists and i also contacted some guys who work with some arts and craft companies but they could not do what i asked for. I was ready to pay any amount since i know how much i needed it. I lost about $3500 to the scammers before i found your website. I was not sure about it too but i just decided to do as you said and paid the money. And now that i got this first crafts and great business deal successful, I will make you guys a big business partner coz i have some buddies who need your services. Thank You!!!

Jason GoodLuck     10Th April 2019*****      Canada
My special thanks goes to your Boss. I salute that man. who ever he is, he is the Real deal. We got all our african crafts. All our crafts were superb. Got some friends who were laughing at us thinking that we are being scammed. But hell no, we got the real deal from you guys. An your Boss advised us on everything we needed to know and do to make our artistic home match the craft we bought from you guys online and it was awesome. That man is the MAN OF THE YEAR.. lol

Quality African Arts and Craft Online market collection
Best African Arts and wooden Craft market collection online

James Firpo     15Th June 2019*****      Canada
Highly recommend this Company called African Arts And Crafts Ltd if you need a fast service!! They kept me up to date on the packages arrival and my package was delivered on the date I was told. Great customer service and always answered my questions fast, accurate and with courtesy. is the best. Thank you very much.


A good number of our astonishingly beautiful crafts can be viewed and purchased at: Djalis Artisan Gallery London, Unit 2, 281 Portobello Road, London, W10 5TZ